OnGuard doTERRA

On Guard by dōTERRA

Sometimes you feel attacked, unprotected, vulnerable, manipulated and prone to public pressure. Spiritually we sometimes feel powerless and it is difficult to have faith. We make excuses for the things we "can't" do and have plenty of opinions about why life isn't fair.
On the other hand, when you feel physically protected and safe, the body creates strong defense mechanisms. The skin then has a healthy thickness, the blood flows evenly, the digestive system has a healthy shield of bacteria and produces good digestive enzymes and the lungs produce a deep and full breath. Spiritually, we are more empowered, seek solutions to problems and find actions and situations through which we can achieve our goals. To create this protection, doTERRA developed the On Guard oil.


Applying On Guard

On Guard is one of dōTERRA's best-selling oils. It is a potent blend for protection and has been proven to be highly effective in supporting a healthy immune system. On Guard is a blend of dōTERRA's oils Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus en Rosemary. On Guard has many household products that make daily use of On Guard easier. There is a toothpaste, hand soap, beadlets, hand cleaner, and a number of other products.

Protection & Boundaries

The combination of the oils used in On Guard is also called the protective blend. However, this blend goes beyond the physical level by helping individuals ward off energetic parasites, dominant personalities, and other negative influences. This blend, also called the protective blend, supports a natural self-love and the inner decision to stand up for yourself. On Guard mainly focuses on people with a weak boundary perception and gives them the strength to dare to say "no".

Apply On Guard yourself

  1. Throat: Mix On Guard with a tablespoon of water and gargle for a minute. Then swallow it. Mix 2-3 drops with 2 drops Lemon and some honey. Take during winter time.
  2. Immune System Blend: 5 drops On Guard, 4 drops Oregano, 3 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Peppermint, 1 drop Lemon mix before ingestion. Add 1 drop Arborvitae when you put it on the skin in a roller.
  3. Steaming: Add 1-2 drops and 1-2 drops Air to very warm water and inhale.
  4. Super cleaning agent: Add to spray bottles for cleaning. You can also use the dōTERRA On Guard Cleaning Concentrate for this. Add a few drops to the dishwasher, wash and mop water.
  5. Insect bites: Apply to the skin of bee and insect bites to support the skin.
  6. Teeth & Gums: Gargle with 1-2 drops and then brush daily for healthy teeth and gums. Put 1-2 drops of On Guard on the gums and teeth. 
  7. Clean Air: In a diffuser, this oil provides clean air and supports a healthy immune system.
  8. Reducing the urge to smoke: Put a drop in your mouth or inhale by hand to reduce the urge to smoke. Strengthen it by adding a drop Clove.
  9. DIY Cleaning Wipes: Dip quality kitchen paper (sheets) in the oil and water and store it in a plastic box.