Melaleuca doTERRA

dōTERRA . Melaleuca

Bungawalbin Creek in Australia is surrounded by Australian tea tree trees and is a sacred place for the Aborigines. Because the leaves of the trees fall into the creek, there are waters that the natives still see as magical, healing waters.u00a0 Among the Aboriginal people in Australiau00eb, the leaves of the leaves have been used for centuries. Tea Tree tree used. They use pressed leaves directly on the skin for a cooling effect, but inhaling the scent of the oil is also a daily application for the Aboriginals. du014dTERRA brings us the oil Melaleuca (Tea Tree) which can also be taken.


Tea tree oil is known for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. A healthy immune system supports and protects against seasonal complaints. The oil of du014dTERRA is purely natural. Never use an essential oil that is not 100% natural. Other brands' oils often contain chemicals that make the oil toxic.

Applying Tea tree

Tea tree has many application possibilities. The oil can be used in the diffuser, but also applied to the skin. The oil has a cooling and strengthening effect. By putting the oil in a vaporizer, Melaleuca purifies and refreshes the air. Melaleuca can be applied to sensitive skin. It is a natural remedy that also keeps flies and insects at bay.

Limits & Respect

Melaleuca not only has a powerful effect on our physical body, our emotions can also be supported with the oil. The oil clears negative energetic baggage and supports you to say goodbye to negative relationships. These negative relationships can be relationships with humans or microorganisms. Melaleuca helps to break the negative bond so that new, healthy connections can be made. The oil also helps to maintain one's own limits, supports self-confidence and respect.

Apply Melaleuca yourself

  1. Air freshener:u00a0Diffuse with a diffuser to purify the air.
  2. Save boundaries: Dilute the oil and apply it under the feet, on the stomach and possibly on the neck.
  3. Breathing:u00a03 drops Frankincense, 2 drops White Fir, 3 drops Melaleuca and 30 milliliters of fractionated coconut oil. Spread this mix on the chest to support healthy breathing.
  4. 'I-may-say-no' blend: 1 drop Melaleuca and 1 drop Bergamot on a diffuser chain.
  5. Immune system:u00a0Use 1-2 drops to support a healthy immune system. Apply it daily under your feet.
  6. Sensitive skin:u00a0Spread 1-2 drops on sensitive skin.
  7. Protection:u00a0Put a few drops in a spray bottle with water and use on surfaces. You can use this to clean your hands.
  8. Mouth & Gums:u00a01-2 drops On Guard, 1-2 drops Melaleuca in water. Let the water pass through your mouth and rinse your mouth.
  9. Feet:u00a05 drops Melaleuca, 4 drops Eucalyptus, 2 drops Myrrh and 1 drop Peppermint. Mix with base oil and use to care for your feet.
  10. Clean and strong nails:u00a0Clean the nails with a few drops.