dr. Hill Spring tour

doTERRA's Dr. Hill Spring Tour Amsterdam RAI

dr. Hill Spring tour
dr. Hill

dr. David K. Hill (Founding Executive, Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of dōTERRA) is known for his expertise in essential oils and his collaborations with physicians, scientists and hospitals around the world. With these collaborations, he aims to integrate the use and application of essential oils within modern health practices. On February 21, 2019, Dr. Hill guest in the theater of the RAI in Amsterdam.

During this three-hour conference, Dr. Hill about dōTERRA and its partnerships with private farms and distilleries. He also talked about the difference between dōTERRA's 100% natural oils and other brands' "essential oils." Monir Daniëls (AromaPro) and Jason Lever (Market Developing manager Benelux and Northern Europe) open the evening and with a standing ovation from 900 spectators, Dr. Hill welcomed on stage.

dr. Hill and his family

After a word of welcome and an outspoken appreciation for the huge turnout, Dr. Hill about his family. He travels all over the world to speak in different countries. He also visits the construction of various hospitals and schools and searches for the origin of the essential oils. As a result, he is away from home about 300 days a year and sees his family very little. Despite this, his family is very important to him, led by his wife who, because of his back condition, always gives him a first AromaTouch treatment. The essential oils also play a major role for his children and grandchildren.

Within dōTERRA, Dr. David Hill for working with many other healthcare professionals and scientists, as well as working with the other executives of dōTERRA. To him, all the people he works with are part of the dōTERRA family, and this family is spread all over the world, in 43 different countries.

dr. Hill: 'dōTERRA is different'

The use of essential oils is taboo in many communities; if you use essential oils and smell 'unusual', you will soon be called crazy. In 2008, dōTERRA set out to change that. The essential oils that were sold until then,were not accepted which is why dōTERRA wanted something new. As a result, a group founded dōTERRA with a mission to share the therapeutically effective essential oils with the world and they succeeded. Through various partnerships with private farms, distilleries, doctors, hospitals and scientists, dōTERRA already covers much of the world.

Miracle stories

dr. Hill says that thanks to the oils he now often goes through life without pain and a lot miracle stories heard from all over the world. He shares with us the story of Heather, the mother of a three-year-old girl with tuberous sclerose (TSC), a genetic disease that causes benign tumors to grow all over the body. In a written letter she tells that she Frankincense essential oil on her three-year-old daughter's skin for about a year. Since she does this, the tumors have shrunk and the redness of the skin has disappeared.

The miracle cure

Another example of what Dr. Hill gives is the story of a woman who had a serious motorcycle accident. The photos he shows show a woman with a huge wound on her cheek. The wound, according to the doctors, would heal, but a large scar would be left behind. The woman, familiar with dōTERRA, has a dilution of . from day one Frankincense essential oil sprayed on it. The difference between the first photo and the photo of her cheek after ten days is unbelievable. Nothing of the large wound can be seen on her cheek and there is no scar.

Distinctive of course

dōTERRA sets itself apart from other manufacturers because of the 100% natural oil that dōTERRA can guarantee. dōTERRA essential oils are highly volatile, aromatic compounds naturally produced by plants. Oils of other brands not mentioned are partly artificially manufactured in a factory. Even though these oils are sometimes sold as 100% natural, they don't even come close to the purity of dōTERRA's oils. That's why dōTERRA even has its own seal of approval CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, conceived in the office of Dr. Hill. CPTG guarantees the purity and therapeutic efficacy of each oil.

After the aromatic compounds are distilled from the plant material, dōTERRA carefully tests each batch to ensure it meets CPTG standards. Thus, the oils contain no added fillers, synthetic ingredients or harmful contaminants. Using dōTERRA's in-house facilities and trusted third-party labs, essential oils undergo the CPTG process. This is how dōTERRA ensures that customers receive the highest quality oil, every time. For example, each bottle has a unique ID code at the bottom, which is displayed on the website www.sourcetoyou.com/nl/quality-reports-gcms can be entered. In this way, we as users can view the lab tests ourselves.

The use of dōTERRA essential oils is often still aimed at acute problems (wounds, inflammation, tension). The pure natural oil is a good remedy for inflammation, the underlying cause of all diseases. The oils also provide peace of mind and support emotions. dr. Hill would like to see in the future that the oils are used preventively in the mainstream for daily health.

'There's an art to what we do

dr. Hill has convinced even more people of the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils with this full-length program, because I too have become even more enthusiastic and want to learn more about them. dōTERRA oils are a work of art of naturally released juices that can make a world of difference in healthcare.

Are you inspired and do you want to get started with the oils?